Designer iPad Air Case

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Designer iPad Air Case Cream - product picture / belenty / stylish collection Designer iPad Air Case in cognac hue - main picture / belenty / stylish collection

Extraordinary designer iPad Air case and its light elegance and natural rural material will charm many fans of such style. 

Rolled wool felt is the basic material of iPad Air designer case. Firmness and flexibility are its best features. High-quality Italian leather imported from tanneries with long-time tradition beautifully complements this case. Impregnated felt ensures high-quality performance with its waterproof qualities and shape stability. 

Designer iPad Air case has a signature cut-out opening for Apple logo at the back. Case is specially designed for lovers of Apple products and you certainly won't find it at other brands. 

Besides protection against dust and scratching, the iPad Air designer case also works as a handy iPad stand. Front leather holders, located on the front side of leather fastening strip, help you to secure your iPad and put the case body under it. Proper way of folding the case is shown in detailed photos below. 

The case is suitable for iPad Air and iPad Air 2.

Designer iPad Air case is everything but ordinary.

How should I clean and care for leather accessories?
iPad Air designer case has several leather parts, which should be impregnated. Please use impregnation for genuine smooth leather, e.g. impregnation sprays, creams and waxes. We use multipurpose protection and nourishing way, Elephant Leather Preserver. Apply the wax on cleaned surface with soft cloth using circular motions. 

How strong is the stitching? Will it endure rougher handling? 
Our thorough, high-quality machine stiches on designer iPad Air case are truly strong and firm. Stitching is precise using only strong threads. They are firm enough to survive even rougher handling. They have their limits of course, but they do last a long time under normal circumstances. 

How strong is the felt impregnation? What amount of water will it endure?
iPad Air designer case, as well as all our other cases, are made from specially processed impregnated hydrophobic felt. Designed for everyday use, where it may be laid down on wet table, come to contact with rain, snow, etc. During testing, we poured 1 ml of water directly on the felt, it didn't soak for several tens of seconds. It is highly suitable for everyday use.

Cute iPad Air Case in the brown color / belenty / stylish collection Handmade iPad Air Case in light cream hue with logo cutout / belenty / stylish collection Designer iPad Air Case Cognac / belenty / stylish collection iPad Air Designer Case Cream - man is holding a case in the hand / belenty / stylish collection