iPhone 5/5s Designer Case Exclusive

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iPhone 5/5s designer case cream - leading image / belenty / stylish collection exclusive iPhone 5/5s designer case in the rich cognac hue with leather front pocket / belenty / stylish collection

Favourite designer iPhone 5 case Exclusive with pull-out mechanism perfectly fits iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s. 

Handcrafted designer iPhone 5s case Exclusive is made from two main materials. First is 100% wool hot-rolled felt, which is also impregnated. The high water- and humid-resistance is thus ensured. Second material is premium quality Italian leather in lovely colours. 

Designer iPhone 5 case Exclusive has a handy leather pocket on the front. Great for storing personal or credit cards, banknotes, etc. The case can thus be used as a handy wallet when you go out at night and don't feel like taking a normal sized wallet. 

Items in the pocket and your phone are safely protected and kept inside the case thanks to a built-in leather strap which also serves as a pull-out mechanism. 

Designer iPhone 5s case Exclusive also comes with a 5-year warranty!

Could you send me more information about felt material that you use?
It is a nonwoven fabric, made from 100% natural wool. Using hot rolling method, wool is pressed and its fibres create felt. The material is then further processed and impregnated so to perfectly meet our highest standards we set for designer iPhone 5s case Exclusive and all our other products. 

Can I use designer iPhone 5 case Exclusive for other smartphone? What are the dimensions?
Of course, you can use this case for other types of phones. However, the case has been specially designed for iPhone 5 (or iPhone 5s) and we cannot guarantee your phone will fit in it. If you are considering buying this case for other type of phone, please look at the dimensions first and then decide. 
Case dimensions: Length: 140 mm (5,512") x Width: 80 mm (3,150")

How do I take the phone out of the case?
Designer iPhone 5s case is easy to manage. When open, just pull the leather strap upwards. This will lift your iPhone about 1-2 cm and you will be easily able to take your phone out. 

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