iPhone 5/5s Leather Pouch

iPhone 5/5s leather pouch cognac - main image of the pouch / belenty / leather collection iPhone 5/5s leather pouch cream - main product image / belenty / leather collection

Leather iPhone 5 pouch is an very elegant accessory for leisure time and business meetings. We will stamp your initials on this iPhone 5 leather pouch, free of charge. Leather pouch is tailored to fit iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s. 

Leather iPhone 5s pouch is made from two main materials. The outer part is made from beautiful Italian leather and the inside is from 1 mm thick 100% wool felt. The felt is very soft to display of your iPhone and even helps cleaning it while sliding in and out of the case. The leather exterior offers fantastic protection to your iPhone and makes the pouch very elegant. 

What makes this leather iPhone 5s pouch so unique is the stamping option of your initials. Cut-out opening at the lower part of the pouch helps to get your iPhone out and enables you to charge it, when tucked inside. 

This handmade leather iPhone 5 pouch comes with a 5-year warranty and is truly original!

How should I care for leather on the iPhone 5s leather pouch?
Please follow this basic advice:
- do not clean the dirty areas with dissolving agents like polish remover, benzine, etc. There are many leather cleansing agents available. 
- do not let the leather soak. 
- always use an impregnation. 
- protect from long-term sunshine exposure.

How large are letters of initials that you stamp on leather iPhone 5s pouch?
Letters are 6 mm (0,236") high. Click on the stamp symbol under main photo for example photos of initials stamping. 

What are the dimensions of iPhone 5 leather pouch?
Dimensions of this pouch are as follows:
Length: 130 mm (5,118") x Width: 78 mm (3,071")

Custom iPhone 5/5s case in the cognac hue lying on the wooden box with headphones in background / belenty / leather collection Cute iPhone 5/5s case in the rich cream hue next to a wooden box / belenty / leather collection iPhone 5 pouch (5s) cognac with headphones and newspaper / belenty / leather collection Leather iPhone 5 Pouch with logo / belenty / leather collection