Leather iPad mini Pouch

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Exceptional leather iPad mini pouch will live up to your expectations. It will emphasize your unique style and fulfils your needs. 

iPad mini leather pouch perfectly protects your iPad mini, is a fantastic accessory to your wardrobe and an top of that, it also cleans your screen while you are taking it out and putting it in your case. All thanks to 100% natural wool felt which is used in lining. Leather pouch iPad mini eliminates impact of dust and scratches even when carried around a bit more roughly. Small semicircular cut-out at the bottom makes taking your leather iPad mini pouch out easier than ever. This product, as well as all others, is handcrafted in Europe and come with a 5-year warranty. 

Absolute originality is guaranteed thanks to our initials stamping option, free of charge. For more information about this offer, please click on the stamp symbol under product photo on the left. 

iPad mini pouch fits: iPad mini, iPad mini 2 and iPad mini 3.

Be original and purchase iPad mini leather pouch. It will not disappoint you. 

How should I properly care for leather on the iPad mini pouch?
Use of waterproof impregnation spray is most important. This seal the pores in leather, and then water cannot get through. It also creates a sort of coat over fibres, which then during soaking and drying prevents the leather from hardening. If possible, protect the leather from long-term sunshine exposure. Leather iPad mini pouch will benefit from leather treatment products available at any leather store, e.g. tallow Elephant Leather Preserver. 

I am interested in buying iPad mini leather pouch by belenty. Before purchase, I'd like to ask, how thick is the leather you used to make this case?
Leather is 2 mm thick. Thickness may slightly vary due to production process. The leather is very firm and sturdy. 

Leather pouch iPad mini has a semicircular opening at the bottom - what is it for?
The cut-out opening enables you to push the tablet upwards with your finger. It slides slightly out and you can easily take it out. 

ipad mini cover folio made of brown leather - with beautiful old camera on the picture / belenty / leather collection ipad mini leather pouch in light color- side view with headphones / belenty / leather collection ipad mini pouch cognac with headphones / belenty / leather collection