Products care

Leather product components- as our products are made of the highest quality Italian leather, it is necessary to take particular care of them. Firstly, we would recommend that you impregnate all leather parts. Impregnation is necessary for two reasons. Firstly, it waterproofs the pores in the leather so that water cannot penetrate inside. Secondly, certain fibers are given a coating to prevent matting or stiffening washing and drying. The leather producer recommends impregnating all leather parts of the products with Scotchgard ™ Leather Protector. However, impregnation can also be done by means of other products designed for the impregnation of leather products. We can recommend a high-quality product: Elephant Leather Preserver for the impregnation of all leather parts, as we also use it ourselves.

Notice:  Please follow the producer’s instructions and recommendations when using impregnation products. We cannot accept any responsibility for the improper use of products.

Felt product components- we recommend cleaning the felt components with a wet cloth and soap. The felt is hydrophobized, making it water-proof. It is a good idea to renew impregnation using available impregnation sprays following contact with water (e.g. during rain).

Notice:  Please follow the instructions and recommendations of producer when using impregnation products. We cannot accept any responsibility for the improper use of products.

Winter Touch screen gloves- belenty gloves are a high-quality product which has been exclusively created using premium materials. If you want to get the longest possible life out of them, please follow our recommendations! The gloves must be washed manually or carefully in a washing machine at 30°C with the use of gentle mechanical force i.e. the delicates cycle (manual washing recommended), but please don’t use any chemical bleaching agents, chlorine or chemical solutions and don’t allow them to dry in a rotary washing machine or tumble dryer. Ironing should not be necessary, but in the event that it is required, please use a cool iron, maximum 110°C.

Procedure recommended by producer: Wash manually in cold water without the use of washing powder or soap, then put the gloves on a towel, fold it over the gloves and press gently until the gloves are free of water, and let them dry freely.

Warning: strict warning. Do not handle high-voltage objects whilst wearing belenty gloves. Otherwise you may risk an injury with high-voltage due to the conductivity of silver fibres!